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Steven Nicolaou steven.nicolaou at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 17:42:02 UTC 2015



I would like to propose that Asia/Nicosia move to Europe/Nicosia.


The Asia file makes this statement:

# Classically, Cyprus belongs to Asia; e.g. see Herodotus, Histories, I.72.

# However, for various reasons many users expect to find it under Europe.


While I appreciate the nod to classical antiquity, its classification under
Asia is wholly irrelevant today. This statement appears to trivialize the
"various reasons" why "many users" tend to expect it under Europe.


.         Cyprus is a European country

.         The culture is decidedly Europe-facing

.         It is a member state of the European Union

.         Its currency is the Euro

.         It has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1981

.         Its time zone is Eastern European Time (EET)

.         The predominant culture and language is Greek

.         The earliest historical reference to Cyprus in the 15th century BC
was in Mycenaean Greek

.         The Asia file itself even mentions this: "# IATA SSIM (1998-09)
has Cyprus using EU rules for the first time."


There is nothing Asian about Cyprus today. Nobody in the country attempting
to set the local time zone is going to look for it under Asia. If we don't
find it under Europe, we assume it was erroneously omitted.



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