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Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Thu Oct 8 20:30:36 UTC 2015

At 07:51 AM 10/8/2015, Arthur David Olson wrote:
>We might expect that if the legislative intent was for the entirety 
>of Baja California to use the U. S. rules, the legislation would 
>have been written more simply.
>That being said, it's certainly possible (or even probable) that de 
>facto the entirety of Baja California uses U. S. rules, regardless of de jure.
>Providentially, we're coming up on the days when a few international 
>phone calls (or, if possible, monitoring radio or TV stations) can 
>shed light on the matter.

Not sure if this casts light or mud on the issue, but last year (Feb 
'14) I contacted a business on Isla Cedros (which is in Baja) about 
the local time, and received this reply (relevant passage underscored):

>Mr Jones
>Thank you for coming to us for the answer.
>Cedros island is governed by the Baja California State, therefore 
>most of the time it has the same time zone Pacific shared by 
>California. But, thanks to bureaucrats sitting behind their desks 
>with nothing better to do than to complicate the lives of their 
>citizens ....... Sorry...... sometimes after the time change in the 
>US the time zone is different than California, but is not for more 
>than a week, when its similar to Mountain time/ Baja Sur..... I 
>know, what a pain....
>There is no ferry services for passengers from Bahia Tortugas to Cedros.
>I hope this helps.
>Jose Angel Sanchez
>Cedros Outdoor Adventures

So it sounds like the actual implementation may not extend all the 
way down to the Baja/Baja Sur border.


Steve Jones

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