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Thank you for clarifications. Let me try to exemplify the problem.

It is strange that in Brazil we have 4 major timezone areas:

Fernando de Noronha (GMT -2) -> America/Noronha
Brasilia (GMT -3) -> America/Sao_Paulo
Amazonas (GMT -4) -> America/Manaus
Acre (GMT -5) -> America/Rio_Branco

Manaus is capital of Amazonas
Rio Branco is capital of Acre
Brasilia is capital of Brazil and in state of Goias
Fernando de Noronha is an island

People in Brazil, call it as "Horario de Brasilia"  as the main timezone.

In Windows it displays Brasilia for user.
In iOS has the Brasilia entry as well.
In Android (my interested area) the timezone list uses Exemplar location, so "Sao Paulo" is shown.

I don`t know how other systems manages timezones. But it is sure that there is some mismatching.

What do you guys think ?
An entry like America/Brasilia, mapping to America/Sao_Paulo and changing displayName would be the solution ?

Thanks in advance.

Marcio Ikeda

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Hi Marcio!

"Metazone" is a CLDR term. See:

CLDR depends on TZDB, but not vice-versa.

You may also be interested in:

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This is one of the most common questions we get. Being the capital is not meaningful--it's the largest city in the zone that names it. Thus, Brasilia would be in the São Paulo (or Rio de Janeiro)  zone. (Similarly, Washington DC is in the New York zone, and Ottawa in the Toronto zone.)

Envoyé de mon iPad

Le 8 oct. 2015 à 17:21, MARCIO IKEDA <marcio.ikeda at lge.com<mailto:marcio.ikeda at lge.com>> a écrit :
This is Marcio Ikeda from LG Electronics in Brazil.

Nice to meet you!

I would like to know if there are some background history for timezones in Brazil.
It seems that Brasilia city which is the capital, is only treated as a metaZone and not a timeZone.
I would like to know if are there some discussions on why
America/Brasilia is not in the list.
And if It is possible to include it.

This is causing people from QA here to question this.
Thank you!

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