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Arthur David Olson arthurdavidolson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 04:32:50 UTC 2015

The use of Santa Isabel does indeed seem to be an error. I see, though,
that San Felipe, like Santa Isabel, is part of the Mexicali municipality;
San Felipe may also use U. S. rules.

The "northamerica" file's quotation of the relevant decree mentions "los
municipios de Tijuana y Mexicali" but only "la Ciudad de Ensenada" (rather
than "el municipio"); we may get to use the largest city in the Ensenada
municipality that's south of the city of Ensenada.
That seems to be Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada (Maneadero) (22,957); the normal
14-character limit would suggest using Maneadero;
it seems to have a larger population that San Felipe (16,702). Lázaro
Cárdenas (16,294) is substantially farther south and thus likelier to use
Mexican rules; some 14-character-limit creativity would be required.

Of course if we were lucky we'd discover that Santa Isabel actually uses
Mexican rules.-S


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