[tz] Timezone in Brazil

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Oct 11 18:57:46 UTC 2015

Guy Harris wrote:
> Would it be at all useful for the tzdb to itself maintain the notion of metazones, perhaps giving a metazone name as an additional component of a Zone line?

Yes, that sounds useful to me.  Any change to the tzdata format is problematic 
of course, but if we're going to change it we might as well make things easier 
for translators.  There was a proposal a while ago to have Zone lines be 
chainable (e.g., Europe/Paris could say "we're just like Europe/Berlin from 
1940-06-14 23:00 to 1944-08-25 00:00"), and metazones could be part of that 
chaining process somehow.

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