[tz] 2015g: Is the 1:00 under Pacific/Norfolk "Rules" a typo?

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This article in particular is good about describing this:

It's too bad that we have to use archive.org to get at this seemingly fundamental doc.  Any way we could host it along side tz-link.html in the repo?

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On 19 October 2015 at 10:06, Marvel, Jim (CPCOE) <Jim.Marvel at honeywell.com> wrote:

       Is the 1:00 under Pacific/Norfolk "Rules" a typo?
No; the lines

                     11:30  -      NFT    1974 Oct 27 02:00 # Norfolk T.

                     11:30  1:00   NFST   1975 Mar  2 02:00
indicate that, between 1974-10-27 02:00 local and 1975-03-02 02:00 local, Pacific/Norfolk observed Daylight Saving in the amount of one hour on top of its normal offset of UTC+11:30; that is, the area was on UTC+12:30 for that period.
This was introduced recently and is documented accordingly:
# From Paul Eggert (2015-09-23):
# Transitions before 2015 are from timeanddate.com, which consulted
# the Norfolk Island Museum and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's
# Norfolk Island station, and found no record of Norfolk observing DST
# other than in 1974/5.  See:
# http://www.timeanddate.com/time/australia/norfolk-island.html--
Tim Parenti

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