[tz] Official definition and origin of the term "Central European Time"

Even Scharning tzdb at time.is
Sat Oct 24 07:12:41 UTC 2015

Thanks for your feedback, Matt. I have added info about CEST and a link 
to time.is/CEST from time.is/CET.

I prefer to avoid the abbreviation CEST, since S refers to Summer in 
some abbreviations and Standard in other.

I know that many time zone names and abbreviations are inventions of 
the time zone mailing list, and that some are ambiguous, and I'm not 
looking to open another discussion about that.

My concern at the moment is rather about CET, which is a widely used 
term. I was hoping there would be an official definition for such an 
established term.

On 2015-10-24 0:29, Matt Johnson wrote:
> Keep in mind that while EU countries are aligned, other locations may
> use CET/CEST but transition on alternate dates or times, and other
> locations may be on CET all year long.

That's another peculiarity. As far as I can see from the time zone 
source code, only Tunisia and Algeria (and previously Libya) fall into 
this category, and I suspect they have been miscategorized. I believe 
most Tunisians and Algerians would rather call their time zone West 
Africa Time. Are there any Tunisian or Algerian  laws or directives 
binding their time zone to CET?

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