[tz] Version in zoneinfo files?

John Hawkinson jhawk at mit.edu
Wed Oct 28 23:37:31 UTC 2015

Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk> wrote on Wed, 28 Oct 2015
at 23:03:56 +0000 in <5631545C.8080704 at lsces.co.uk>:

> > This doesn't feel like a zoneinfo issue; it's a user interface
> > design question for calendar applications.

> YES the user interface has to deal with the problem, but if it can't
> establish there is a problem because it can't identify that the stored
> version is different to the current version of offset then how can the
> user interface even warn you there is a problem. It needs to ask if the
> versions match ... and it may be that it is dealing with a diary fom a
> third source so a centrally sourced reliable version of TZ is critical.

I still can't parse this (try again with smaller, shorter, sentences
please?), but I think you may misunderstand the problem.

The time and the zone must be stored, becuse whther the time shifts
with DST is a function of the zone. As long as the calendar app
stores some things like "9:00am US/Eastern" (for a dentist appointment)
and "13:00 UTC" (for an international conference call), calendar
apps should work well.

--jhawk at mit.edu
  John Hawkinson

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