[tz] Binary File Format

Bill Seymour stdbill.h at pobox.com
Thu Sep 10 21:06:25 UTC 2015

I have three questions about the format of the binary files.

1.  Re the array of tzh_timecnt transitions:  my kneejerk reaction
was to think that these were similar to the values in the UNTIL
column in the source files, in which case they'd be open upper
bounds (in other words, the struct ttinfo that they eventually
link to would be for the period immediately before the transition);
but it occurs to me that they might be closed lower bounds instead
(the corresponding ttinfo is for the period after the transition).
tzfile(5) doesn't say explicitly.

2.  Basically the same question for the array of leap seconds.
The reason it occurs to me that the time_t value could be the
point after the leap second is that that's the way that the USNO’s
list of leap seconds works.

3. Re the version-'2' array of leap seconds:  each array element
is a time_t value followed by a count of the number of leap
seconds after that time.  tzfile(5) says that eight bytes
are used for each "transition time" and "leap second time";
but since the count of leap seconds is neither of those,
is the count still just four bytes?  (I'm thinking that I
can't just have a two-dimensional array of int64_t, but
rather need a one-dimensional array of struct { int64_t,
int32_t }.  Is that right?)


--Bill Seymour

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