[tz] Morocco to fall back Sept. 27, not Oct. 25

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Sep 18 13:59:52 UTC 2015

Steffen Thorsen wrote:

> First of all it says "Morocco returns to standard time (GMT) every year on the
> last Sunday of September, which marks this year September 27." which we know is
> not true for past two years.

Yes, I noticed that too.  I interpreted it to mean that the general rule has 
been changed to last Sunday of September.  Even if that sentence is technically 
correct, though, it is a reporting error; the article should have said that the 
general rule has changed, not merely given the new rule as if it has been that 
way for some time.

> Secondly, there are two user comments to the article, claiming it is wrong (and
> still in October).

Sure, but one of those objections cites Google, which uses tzdata, so that's not 
much of an objection; the other objection just says "Wrong. It's October 25th." 
which is not much to go on.

> Finally, after spending some time on official websites and other news sites for
> Morocco, we have not found anything confirming this.

Yes, I had the same experience.  The newest press release from that ministry:


is undated, but its metadata is Sept. 15.  Quite likely there is some delay in 
getting their announcements online.  Another possibility is that the actual 
decision has not been made and the news article is merely a trial balloon.  I 
was more inclined to guess that the article reflects an official decision, 
though, as that news agency's predictions have been good in the past.

However, given the uncertainty mentioned above, and given the dueling article 
mentioned by Alexander Krivenyshev, I would like some better confirmation before 
making an official release.

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