[tz] Was America/Aruba obsoleted and replaced

kzimmermann at ups.com kzimmermann at ups.com
Tue Sep 29 13:50:23 UTC 2015

Hello IANA,

UPS has an interface agreement with IANA for Time Zone Information.
We are testing other requirements and we came across a few concerns.
I am working on researching and fixing some time zone concerns for our UPS properties in a few of the data bases I support.

I have a few questions:                 When was the Time Zone Name (TznGeoRefTe) for America/Aruba obsoleted?
                                                                What is the updated Time Zone Name (TznGeoRefTe) which replaced America/Aruba?
                                                                When was this notified to your user community?
                                                                Are all countries identified in IANA with a Time Zone Name (TznGeoRefTe)?
                                                                                I was researching Aruba (AW) and St. Martin (SX), the outcome resulted in an empty result set.

These questions are a follow-up, to the empty result set, received from queries.
Maybe our link to IANA needs to be refreshed or possible the file pulled from IANA.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kellie Zimmermann
Corporate Reference Data

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