[tz] Egypt DST Abolition Decree

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Aug 10 00:17:36 UTC 2016

Matt Johnson wrote:
> Published in the Official Gazette #29, Year 2016, Legislation # 62.  Date of publication 2016-07-24.
> http://www.cc.gov.eg/Images/L/369859.pdf
> I believe it simply reflects the permanent cancellation of DST, but a more direct translation or summary would be appreciated.  (Translation tools are failing due to the nature of how the Arabic text is embedded in the PDF.)

I cannot retrieve the official notice now, as the Egyptian government's server 
does not respond; wget hangs after saying "Connecting to www.cc.gov.eg 
(www.cc.gov.eg)||:80...". I got a backup copy from 
As near as I can make out, the PDF is that of an image, and is not text. Mostly 
for amusement, I ran it through Tesseract OCR and then Google Translate, which 
yielded the following.

No legal Behold 6 of 61 DBS
Hishonellghae Alaqrarbakzn number two for the year 4 9 0 A
Alsqy on time
On behalf of the people
President of the Republic
The House of Representatives decided the following law was enacted N.
(For the first throttle)
Repealed Decree Law No. Hera of Lech me. No report of Chinese Timing System 0
(Lk, for a second)

We publish this law in the Official Gazette, and we are working Yeh from the day 
following the date of publication 0
God knows this law seal of the State, and perform as one of its laws 0
Issued at the Presidency in AAA Shawal her 3 k j e

(Not approved as July a year AA me. Do not m).

Faded to an understanding of Cisse

Deposit No. Dar Alex H 6 over 6a. 2 Public Affairs trivial former presses as 3. 
H 2, and then what a. 2 x 62.7 R. 6a. 2 - What. ; a

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