[tz] Use of <> delimiters in TZ string is not documented

Alexander Belopolsky alexander.belopolsky at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 18:49:28 UTC 2016

The Asia/Almaty tzfile generated from recent Github tzdata snapshot
contains the following TZ string at the end of the file

$ git describe
$ strings etc/zoneinfo/Asia/Almaty | tail -1

This format is not documented in newtzset.3:

       When TZ is used directly as a specification of the time conversion
       information, it must have the following syntax (spaces inserted for



              std and dst    Three or more bytes that are the designation
                             the standard (std) or summer (dst) time zone.
                             Only std is required; if dst is missing, then
                             summer time does not apply in this locale.
                             Upper- and lowercase letters are explicitly
                             allowed.  Any characters except a leading colon
                             (:), digits, comma (,), ASCII minus (-), ASCII
                             plus (+), and NUL bytes are allowed.
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