[tz] [PROPOSED PATCH 2/4] Phase out invented abbrs for Antarctica

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Aug 24 05:56:27 UTC 2016

Alexander Belopolsky wrote:
> It looks like the decree № 59 was not implemented and replaced by decree №
> 147 <http://istmat.info/node/35854> which postponed the implementation
> until July 1, 1919.   This is close to the date in tzdata, but it would
> still make more sense to have transition on a round UTC hour rather than at
> 21:28:41.

Thanks, that's interesting. Decree No. 59 says this:

Первого апреля 1919 года в среднюю Гринвичскую полночь часы в каждом из поясов 
России поставить так, чтобы они показывали целое число часов, равное номеру 
пояса. Время в течение суток считать от 0 до 24 часов, принимая за начало суток 

which Google Translate renders as:

On April, 1919, in Greenwich Mean midnight hours in each of the Russian zone to 
put so that they showed a whole number of hours equal to the zone number. Time 
during the day to count from 0 to 24 hours, taking the start of the day at midnight.

I interpret this to mean that all Russian zones were supposed to switch to the 
new system at 00:00 GMT on the specified date (April 1 in that decree, but 
delayed to July 1 in Decree No. 147). Of course this would affect only the 
territories actually controlled by the Bolsheviks at the time. (Also, of course 
the actual switches were not implemented precisely; there was a war going on, 
after all.)

Proposed patch attached, and installed into the experimental repository on Github.
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