[tz] [PROPOSED PATCH 1/4] Prefer +-NN notation for UT-offset time zones in comments.

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Wed Aug 24 19:32:13 UTC 2016

On Wed 2016-08-24T12:56:46 -0400, Random832 hath writ:
> Are there any countries whose law still prescribes the time zone as a
> meridian (that may be a multiple of 15, but arguably still can't be
> "legally correctly" described as GMT±N since it gives the difference in
> degrees rather than hours), e.g. "the mean solar time of the sixtieth
> degree of longitude west from Greenwich"?

Argentina, for one
but as with many other places, the observatory tasked with providing
Argentine legal time has the leeway to interpret that as offset in SI
seconds from UTC rather than fractions of one earth rotation from GMT.

> The US law doesn't currently, but I can't find when it changed.

America Competes Act of of 2007

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