[tz] Timezone support in UTC format like in Windows 7

Ted Cabeen ted at cabeen.org
Thu Aug 25 17:51:05 UTC 2016

The TZ database only holds data about timezone information designed for 
use by computers.  The TZ project does not maintain a database of 
identifiers for human use.  Such a database would need to be maintained 
for each language, as many locations have different names in different 
languages.  (Wien vs Vienna, for example.)

The Unicode CLDR project might be a good place to start:


On 2016-08-25 3:47, kailash kumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> We wanted to implement timezone support from our web interface where
> user should be able to select timezone in the following UTC format
> similar to windows 7 OS.
> Is it possible to fetch records for timezone from tz database in
> following UTC format to construct timezone drop down? if yes then how
> can we set timezone in UTC  format like
> /*set timezone UTC+05:30 Chennai,Kolkata,Mumbai,New Delhi*/
> Thanks,
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