[tz] 7 regions in Russia submitted draft bills to change their time zones

Alexander Krivenyshev wtz at worldtimezone.com
Sun Jan 3 05:14:06 UTC 2016

After researching several official government documents (duma.gov.ru), 
there are at least 7 regions in Russia (not 3) that have submitted draft 
bills proposing changes to their time zones.

Those regions are:

- Zabaykalsky Krai / Chita (draft bill date of entry July 16, 2015)- has 
recently received approval to change time zone from UTC+8 to UTC+9

- Astrakhan Oblast / Astrakhan (draft bill date of entry Aug. 15, 2015), 
UTC+3 to UTC+4

- Sakhalin Oblast / Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (draft bill date of entry Sep. 28, 
2015), UTC+10 to UTC+11

- Ulyanovsk Oblast / Ulyanovsk (draft bill date of entry Nov. 03, 2015), 
UTC+3 to UTC+4

- Altai republic / Gorno-Altaysk (draft bill date of entry Nov. 23, 2015), 
UTC+6 to UTC+7

- Altai Krai / Barnaul (draft bill date of entry Dec. 03, 2015), UTC+6 to 

- Magadan Oblast / Magadan (draft bill date of entry Dec. 08, 2015), UTC+10 
to UTC+11

See as a reference Russia map with 7 regions to change their time zones 
(darker colors of blue, green, red):


(vs current http://www.worldtimezone.com/time-russia12.php)

Seems that draft bill in Russia must pass through the following phases 
before being signed into law:

Phase 1- The State Duma Council draft bill review

Phase 2- Pass three (3) readings/revisions by the State Duma

Phase 3- Approval by the Federation Council 

Phase 4- Signed by the President.

Currently there are 6 additional regions in Russia that have requested to 
change their time zones (make amendments to the current Federal Law "On the 
calculation of time"), those draft bills were introduced at different times 
and are in different phases of the approval (or rejection) process.

To make it easier to understand, below are the approximate phases of the  
remaining regions requesting time zones changes:

- Sakhalin Oblast / Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Phase 1 (introduced to the State 
Duma Council)

- Astrakhan Oblast / Astrakhan - Phase 2 ( first reading by the State Duma)

- Ulyanovsk Oblast / Ulyanovsk - Phase 1 (introduced to the State Duma 

- Altai republic / Gorno-Altaysk - Phase 1 (introduced to the State Duma 

- Altai Krai / Barnaul - Phase 1 (introduced to the State Duma Council)

- Magadan Oblast / Magadan - Phase 1 ( introduced to the Chairman of the 
State Duma- part of the State Duma Council)

It is hard to say, how many above regions will be able to get through all 
these phases and change their time zones by March 27, 2016.

We will try to keep our eyes on it.

Alexander Krivenyshev


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