[tz] ICANN contacts Egyptian government about recent last-minute clock change

Paul G paul at ganssle.io
Sun Jul 24 01:40:49 UTC 2016

I think we should have known ahead of time because of the global conspiracy - time zone, leap second and metric system division. If subscribing to this mailing list hasn't made me a party to an international conspiracy, I'm going to have to adjust my resumé.

On July 23, 2016 8:52:18 PM EDT, Howard Hinnant <howard.hinnant at gmail.com> wrote:
>ICANN’s paltry psychic skills…  One would think tarot card reading
>training would be mandatory.
>On Jul 23, 2016, at 7:03 PM, Arthur David Olson
><arthurdavidolson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "ICANN thrown into confusion by cancelation of Daylight Saving Time"
>does make it seem as if it's ICANN's fault, no?
>>      @dashdashado
>> On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 6:31 PM, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu>
>> Baher Esmat of ICANN contacted the Egyptian government asking it to
>give us more notice about clock changes next time. This found its way
>into the popular press earlier this month; here's the English-language
>> Al-Youm A-M. ICANN thrown into confusion by cancelation of Daylight
>Saving Time. Egypt Independent 2016-07-08.
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