[tz] Asia/Tomsk

Pavel V. Rochnyack rpv at nikolas.ru
Thu Jun 2 08:46:37 UTC 2016

02.06.2016 13:59, Paul Eggert пишет:

> Victor Sudakov wrote:
>> But these abbreviations are already sanctified by a long tradition.
> Not really. And I have some experience in this, as I am the one who
> *invented* that "long tradition", and I've seen it not catch on.
>> When are you planning to migrate the abbreviations like EST or HST?
> EST and HST have been commonly used by reliable English-language sources
> for decades. We did not invent these abbreviations, and don't plan to
> remove them.

These abbreviations says nothing for most of us in Russia like our 
Russian abbreviations (MSK/SAMT/YEKT/OMST/KRAT/IRKT/YAKT/VLAT/MAGT) says 
nothing for people around you. But that is not a reason to ask you to 
remove EST / HST from tzdata database, right?

I do not see anything good in the proposed segregation when you leave 
EST / HST in use but take away NOVT / KRAT and other russian timezone 

>> Nobody here in Tomsk calls our timezone "+07" in practice, I assure
>> you. That's just another invention

> Yes, I wouldn't expect people in Tomsk to use English-language
> abbreviations. They would use Russian-language abbreviations, if anything.

Technically we have no need in Russian-language abbreviations in most of 
cases. But there exists need in English abbreviations.
People are smart enough to use English-language abbreviations and these 
abbreviations are widely-used at practice.

> Yes, the idea is to use an English-language abbreviation if there is one
> in common use, and to fall back on a numeric abbreviation otherwise.

How are you going to determine if English-language abbreviation is in 
common use or not? As noticed by Victor, abbreviations like 'NOVT' and 
'KRAT' and others listed above are commonly used. That is the fact, 
regardless of who were invented these abbreviations.

I would also like to note that despite the fact that only Victor writes 
in this maillist, it is readed by many people at the moment. We would 
not want to transform the mailing list into the voting list.


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