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Jonathan Lennox lennox at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 2 15:02:00 UTC 2016

On Thursday, June 2 2016, "Paul Eggert" wrote to "Victor Sudakov, Time zone mailing list" saying:

> On 06/02/2016 01:11 AM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > Sources like the ones below are not good enough?
> No, not at all. The Wikipedia page is derived from tzdata, and is not a 
> reliable source is its own right. The other sources are not 
> English-language.

For non-English-speaking places that nonetheless have a standard name for
their time zone, I think an English calque of the commonly-used name or
abbreviation in the local language is a better choice than giving up
entirely.  (Much as we use "CET" for "Mitteleuropäische Zeit / MEZ".)

It certainly sounds like the common usage in Russia (and in the Soviet Union
back in the day) is to call the timezones МСК−1 through МСК+9, which would
be calqued as MSK-1 through MSK+9.  This is what I'd recommend for Russian
timezones, unless actual Russians disagree.

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at cs.columbia.edu

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