[tz] Asia/Tomsk

Pavel V. Rochnyack rpv at nikolas.ru
Thu Jun 2 20:16:15 UTC 2016

02.06.2016 22:37, Paul Eggert wrote:

> Another reason for not using these abbreviations, which I haven't
> perhaps made clear, is to avoid arbitrating disputes over what the time
> zone abbreviations should be. A user could reasonably complain "Why are
> you making up an abbreviation that calls it Krasnoyarsk Time? This is
> Tomsk, not Krasnoyarsk!" The current kerfuffle is just the tip of the
> iceberg, and the problem will get worse as the number of tzdata names
> increases.

There is the same cities (Novosibirsk / Krasnoyarsk) in timezones on 
Android and Windows OS (and there are a lot of users of these OS), so 
you can treat these as common-used names for timezones.

I suppose what this argument, together with the previously listed 
arguments, is enough to set abbreviations in 'Asia/Tomsk' to NOVT/KRAT 
like already done in 'Asia/Novokuznetsk'.

Also please note what 'Asia/Novokuznetsk' uses not only similar schema 
of 'to take abbreviations from nearby timezone' but the same timezones.

> These abbreviations are entirely invented and are not needed to solve
> time zone issues. All too often disagreements about them degenerate into
> political disputes that distract from tzdata's main goal, and we need to
> get out of the business of making them up or trying to defend them.

So remove the feature entirely. But, you already answered what you do 
not have such plans:

>> EST and HST have been commonly used by reliable English-language sources for
>> decades. We did not invent these abbreviations, and don't plan to remove them.

I do not see anything good in the current state when some timezones have 
abbreviations and some have not. All timezones should have the same 


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