[tz] Asia/Tomsk

Pavel V. Rochnyack rpv at nikolas.ru
Fri Jun 3 06:16:33 UTC 2016

03.06.2016 12:49, Paul Eggert пишет:
> Quite right, the guideline should not pick on Russia, and that's not the
> intent. Russia's new zones (along with some non-Russian arctic and
> antarctic entries) merely happen to be the first places the revised
> guideline is being used. The idea is to take our time in converting, in
> order to shake out implementation bugs. (You can see the guideline in
> the "Theory" file; look for "Time zone abbreviations".)

At the same moment, you write:

> EST and HST have been commonly used by reliable English-language sources for
> decades. We did not invent these abbreviations, and don't plan to remove them.

All timezones should have the same approach.

Also, in the "Theory" file where is:

> 	If there is no common English abbreviation, abbreviate the English
> 		translation of the usual phrase used by native speakers.

At the moment, as for Tomsk citizens, phrazes like 'we are living by 
Novosibirsk [time]' before time shift and 'we are using Krasnoyark time' 
are common enough.

Google shows enough results about this query:
"Томск переходит в Красноярский часовой пояс"
(translation: "Tomsk enters the Krasnoyarsk Time Zone")


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