[tz] the final second before standard time daylight savings time transitions

Inman, Mark H CIV USARMY HQDA (US) mark.h.inman2.civ at mail.mil
Wed Jun 15 01:46:39 UTC 2016



Is there any official documentation on the time zone for March 13 2016 in
New York City, when the clock says 1:59:59.99991000 ?


My guess would be that it is EST or -04:00 offset, but I cannot find
anything that discussed the fractions of the last second.


We store fractions of seconds, and we need to be able to convert to a
particular offset.


Thanks for your work and your consideration.


P.S.  I have enjoyed the notes in the time zone rules.


Most Respectfully,


Mark Inman

Army Analytics Group

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