[tz] Julia tz compiler

Curtis Vogt curtis.vogt at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 13:30:03 UTC 2016


I'm one of the main contributors to TimeZones.jl
<http://github.com/JuliaTime/TimeZones.jl>: a tz compiler written in the
programming language Julia <http://julialang.org/>.

I would appreciate if TimeZones.jl could be added to the "Other tz
compilers" section on the
https://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/tz-link.html page. The blurb
could be written as:

[TimeZones.jl – Time zone database access for Julia](
> https://github.com/JuliaTime/TimeZones.jl) compiles tz source into
> [Julia](http://julialang.org/). It is freely available under the MIT lic
> ense.

Thanks for your time,

Curtis Vogt
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