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Juan Correa pottersys at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 17:04:08 UTC 2016

Today the Chilean Ministry of Energy announced that they will go back to a
DST scheme this year.

That means clocks will go back 1 hour at 0:00 May 15th (jumping back to May
14th); and will go forward by 1 hour on 0:00, August 14th.

This was decided after a public outcry during winter, when the sunrise for
Santiago went as late as 8:45 AM

Some media outlets carrying the news (in Spanish):

   - http://www.soychile.cl/Santiago/Sociedad/2016/03/13/380779/Vuelve-el-
   - http://www.biobiochile.cl/2016/03/13/gobierno-retrocede-y-decreta-el-
   - http://www.t13.cl/noticia/nacional/chile-volvera-implementar-horario-

There is no official decree yet; or confirmation whether this decision will
be only for 2016, or will be carried from now on (or until the next
goverment :P)

Juan Correa Poblete
PS Labs (http://www.pslabs.cl)
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