[tz] Discrepancies in European part of Russia (and nearby)

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Mar 7 08:55:20 UTC 2016

Stepan Golosunov wrote:

> 1. Europe/Astrakhan, 1961 transition.
> That one appears to be void and looks like an artifact of
> Stalingrad -> Volgograd renaming.

Thanks for catching that no-op transition.

> 2. Europe/Samara, KUYT in 1991.
> Europe/Samara currently has KUYT between 1991-09-29 and 1991-10-20.
> But the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR
> about renaming Kuybyshev to Samara is dated 1991-01-25:
> http://pravo.gov.ru/proxy/ips/?docbody=&nd=102010448

Thanks for pointing out this abbreviation error. I am planning to remove these 
invented abbreviations at some point, but not before the next release, so let's 
fix this now.

> 3. Europe/Chisinau, 1990 transitions.
> While googling for Soviet era documents for Russian zones I found the
> act of the government of the Republic of Moldova Nr. 132 from
> 04.05.1990
> http://lex.justice.md/index.php?action=view&view=doc&lang=2&id=298782
> It says that since 1990-05-06 on the territory of the Moldavian SSR
> time would be calculated as the standard time of the second time belt
> plus one hour of the "summer" time. To implement that clocks would be
> adjusted one hour backwards at 1990-05-06 2:00. After that "summer"
> time would be cancelled last Sunday of September at 3:00 and
> reintroduced last Sunday of March at 2:00.
> I believe that means UTC+0400 -> UTC+0300 transition at
> 1990-05-06 02:00 and that UTC+0300 -> UTC+0200 transition on
> 1990-09-30 was expected, while current Europe/Chisinau says
> UTC+0300 -> UTC+0200 at 1990-05-06 00:00 and no transitions on
> 1990-03-25 and 1990-09-30.

Thanks, this government document is a much better source than Shanks, and your 
interpretation sounds right.

> 4. Asia/Barnaul, 1995.
> Letter of Bank of Russia from 25.05.1995
> http://www.bestpravo.ru/rossijskoje/lj-akty/y3a.htm
> suggests that Altai Republic transitioned to Moscow+3 on
> 1995-05-28. Currently Asia/Barnaul guesses it was on Moscow+3 since
> 1992-01-19.
> http://regnum.ru/news/society/1957270.html
> has some historical data for Altai Krai:
> before 1957: west part on UTC+6, east on UTC+7
> after 1957: UTC+7
> since 1995: UTC+6
> http://barnaul.rusplt.ru/index/pochemu_altajskij_kraj_okazalsja_v_neprivychnom_chasovom_pojase-17648.html
> confirms that and provides more details including 1995-05-28 transition
> date.

Thanks again; this looks definitive for a 1995-05-28 transition. No time-of-day 
is given for that transition so I guess we can assume midnight (00:00).

> 5. Tomsk, 2002.
> http://pravo.gov.ru/proxy/ips/?docbody=&nd=102075743
> transitions Tomsk to the time of the fifth time belt at 2002-05-01 03:00.
> Tomsk currently is listed under Asia/Novosibirsk with transition to
> Moscow+3 on 1993-05-23.

Thanks, I'll change it to 2002-05-01 at 03:00.

> 6. Europe/Astrakhan, Europe/Volgograd, 1991-1992 UTC+0400.
> Wikipedia provides different guess for these dates but explicitly says
> it's a guess. Are there any sources?

Only Shanks, which is not reliable.

The attached patch (which I've installed into the experimental version on GitHub 
<https://github.com/eggert/tz>) should cover the abovementioned remarks. I plan 
to look at the rest of your email later. Thanks for doing all this work!
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