[tz] [PATCH 1/1] Add UTC to zone tables

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Mar 10 23:21:53 UTC 2016

On 03/10/2016 02:04 PM, J William Piggott wrote:
> Should there be a zone table (tzselect) entry for UTC?

One can use tzselect to choose UTC already, no? Something like the 

$ tzselect
Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.
Please select a continent, ocean, "coord", or "TZ".
  1) Africa
  2) Americas
  3) Antarctica
  4) Asia
  5) Atlantic Ocean
  6) Australia
  7) Europe
  8) Indian Ocean
  9) Pacific Ocean
10) coord - I want to use geographical coordinates.
11) TZ - I want to specify the time zone using the Posix TZ format.
#? 11
Please enter the desired value of the TZ environment variable.
For example, GST-10 is a zone named GST that is 10 hours ahead (east) of 

The following information has been given:


Therefore TZ='UTC0' will be used.
Selected time is now:    Thu Mar 10 23:19:59 UTC 2016.
Universal Time is now:    Thu Mar 10 23:19:59 UTC 2016.
Is the above information OK?
1) Yes
2) No
#? 1

You can make this change permanent for yourself by appending the line
     TZ='UTC0'; export TZ
to the file '.profile' in your home directory; then log out and log in 

Here is that TZ value again, this time on standard output so that you
can use the ./tzselect command in shell scripts:

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