[tz] Some historical information about tz code.

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Tue Mar 15 05:41:37 UTC 2016

(Posted to both The Unix Heritage Society and the TZ mailing list)

I've been off-and-on reading the "live minus thirty years" old usenet
feed at olduse.net, and noticed something that may be of interest to
both of these groups: The original mod.sources posting of the (as far as
I can tell) earliest available version of Arthur David Olson's timezone
handling code, in 1986.


For the files present in both, it matches revision 7441f6b6 from the git
repository, except for SCCS IDs vs %W%.

The git repository contains a file ialloc.c that is not present in the

Probable renamed files - These appear in the git repository under their
names, but had the older names in the release.
New: localtime.c newctime.3 zdump.c zic.8 zic.c
Old: tzcomp.8 tzcomp.c tzdump.c settz.c settz.3

Files in the release but not this version of the git repository:

mkdir.c strchr.c: These never appear, though they're referenced in
Makefile edits.
pacificnew: doesn't appear until SCCS version 8.1 in revision aaf2a927
dated July 2006.
years.sh: Appears as SCCS 7.1 yearistype.sh, dated March 1992.

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