[tz] Time zone change in Turkey

Even Scharning tzdb at time.is
Thu Sep 8 06:52:47 UTC 2016

Turkey is already on DST (UTC +3), so there is no change until 30 
October, when the change is that there is no change back from DST. :)

Even Scharning
Time.is - exact time for any time zone

On 08.09.2016 09:42, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Thanks for the heads-up. That takes effect today, which is not much
> notice. Luckily only the abbreviation and tm_isdst flags change
> immediately, and the 2016f release predicts Turkey's UTC offset
> correctly until October 30. Still, it looks like we'll need a new
> release shortly. Proposed patch attached, and published on GitHub.

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