[tz] Time zone change in Turkey - lzip

vanadovv at hetnet.nl vanadovv at hetnet.nl
Sun Sep 18 20:39:06 UTC 2016

I tried lzip (32-bits) from ezwinports.
It does work from the Windows command line (cmd.exe).
I could decompress your 2016g lz archive, but I got a tar ball.
Another program, 7-zip, unpacked this in no time.
I couldn't find anything in the lzip documentation to tackle a tar.
Perhaps libarchive from ezwinports? Never mind, I've got a headache.
So all in all this command line mess is for a simple Windows user like me way too much to be bothered with.
Once you have learned how to drag and drop and work with GUIs, you never want to go back to 50 years old technology.

Yes, I've read somewhere about Bash for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
I didn't get the Anniversary Update yet. I know, I could force this update, but I'll just wait.

Anyhow, quite an interesting discussion around lzip.
But still I would like to see a decent (i.e. GUI-like) Windows program easily extracting lzip, or a TZ distro in a more universal archive format.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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>Van : eggert at cs.ucla.edu
>Datum : 18/09/2016 20:32
>Aan : vanadovv at hetnet.nl
>Cc : tz at iana.org, lzip-bug at nongnu.org
>Onderwerp : Re: [tz] Time zone change in Turkey - lzip
>Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
>> Yeah, right, like I'm gonna learn how to Cygwin (119 pages)!
>> I'd rather try lzip form the ezwinports project [https://sourceforge.net/projects/ezwinports/]
>Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. I'll CC: this to the lzip bug list, since the 
>ezwinports port should probably be mentioned on the lzip web page next to the 
>existing Cygwin and old non-Cygwin ports.
>For those using Windows 10 Anniversary build 14393 or later on x86-64, another 
>option is Microsoft's Bash on Windows package, which I expect supports lzip. 
>This also should be a way to run GNU tar, gzip, etc., which should be helpful 
>for anybody doing serious work on the tz code and data (e.g., regression 
>testing). See:
>I realize this last option is forward-looking, as we can't expect every 
>Microsoft Windows user to be running last month's release. But forward-looking 
>is OK for the experimental tzdb distribution format.

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