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Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Wed Sep 28 17:58:18 UTC 2016

Hi Eric, Hi all,

On 9/27/16, 

    > If they aren't capable of dealing with this trivial clerical work promptly, we need to take it away from them and put the job into hands that are capable of doing the job.
    I am not directly dependent on tz, but I can't help to observe it worked 
    very well before IANA was somehow involved. I wish we had kept our trust 
    with what had proven to work.
    Thanks Paul for all your work (and ado before that, and all the 
    contributors), and sorry we imposed IANA on you.
I am genuinely interested to know, beyond this isolated issue, what problems or issues you would like us to see addressed with how the time zone repository is managed. We want to be responsive to your needs, but can only address issues if they are shared with us.

This specific issue is now resolved and solely centred on unexpected format changes to the repository (partly the lzip release bundle, but we also came across another issue with the Makefile that we’ve been diagnosing with Paul). Based on this experience, in the future we look forward to getting potential format changes shared with us in advance so we can have time to prepare before the next edition is ready for publication.

If there are systemic issues that affect you we will address them. So please, let me know.

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