[tz] tzdata2016g missing version information

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 28 20:02:18 UTC 2016

On 09/28/2016 11:28 AM, Howard Hinnant wrote:
> The version file does not appear in the uncompressed tzdata2016g database.

It is in the tzdb-2016g.tar.lz and tzcode2016g.tar.gz tarballs, so you 
can grab it from there for now. I omitted it from the data tarball 
because it is not needed for data. This was done as part of the patch 
for more-accurate release numbers circulated on Sept. 5 

Now that you mention it, it's a good idea to put the version file into 
the data tarball too, as a bit of metadata info. I installed the 
attached patch to do that, so that in future releases the version file 
should be in all three tarballs.

This sort of problem may help to explain why I prefer the one-tarball 
format. With one tarball you don't need to worry about which files go 
into which tarballs, and that lessens the number of distribution glitches.

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