[tz] Potted history of timekeeping from the BBC

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue Apr 4 14:35:21 UTC 2017

>>>>> "John" == John Haxby <john.haxby at oracle.com> writes:

John> (If you're ever near Greenwich I recommend visiting the Royal
John> Observatory, taking the obligatory foot-in-both-hemispheres selfie
John> and then going to look at the clocks.)

And you should also note that the location where they charge you to take
that photograph is about 20 meters to the west of where it should be.
At least, I presume my modern smartphone's GPS is fairly accurate, as
well as having looked it up on Google Earth later.

I found the same thing when I went to Quito.  The HUUUGE equator marker
is wrong, and they acknowledge that.  They have a museum about 200
meters north of that where you have to pay to see their *new* equator
line (and some local history stuff).  But again, the joke is on the
tourists... the actual equator line is just outside the front door of
the museum (slightly further north), before you even pay. :)

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