[tz] State of Texas – A plan to end daylight saving time

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Mar 14 08:42:51 UTC 2017

Steve Jones wrote:
> The vast majority of bills are trial
> balloons, vanity projects, Quixotic, shots across some bow or another, or
> just plain crazy.

Yes, and I mostly haven't bothered this list with the DST proposals that have 
appeared in quite a few state legislatures in the past year.

For what it's worth, the proposal that's gotten the furthest has been Montana's, 
where SB 206 would discontinue DST starting next year. This bill passed the 
Montana Senate 36-14 on Feb. 22 and is scheduled to be heard by the Montana 
House State Administration Committee about six hours from now.

Grant C. Bill would create Montana standard time. Bozeman Daily Chronicle 

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