[tz] proposed changes for Win32 and a improved mktime() algorithm

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu May 18 20:24:31 UTC 2017

Zefram said:
>> Thanks, I didn't know about this extension. However, it has undefined
>> behavior in standard C, so we can't use it in code intended to be portable
>> everywhere.

> #   the initial value of the object is indeterminate.


> To have an indeterminate value does not amount to undefined behaviour.


But an indeterminate value doesn't have to be a valid value; it can be a
trap representation [C99 3.17.2].

> When we have no initialising clause at all, clearly the indeterminate
> value is not a problem if we don't rely on the value; that is how the code
> is currently correct.  An "x = x" initialiser amounts to an assignment
> using that initial indeterminate value.

Which could be a trap representation.

> Crucially, there's nothing saying
> that using an indeterminate value per se invokes undefined behaviour.

Yes, there is. Reading, let alone writing, a trap representation is undefined
behaviour [C99 paragraph 5].

> My reading is that an indeterminate value is some actual value, though
> we don't know which value it is, and that copying it by assignment
> or initialisation just copies whatever value it is without trouble.

That, I'm afraid, is wrong [C99 footnote 41].

(I am the person who wrote 6.2.6.)

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