[tz] A bill to move Polish time (Europe/Warsaw) permanently to UTC+2

Sergiusz Wolicki sergiusz at wolicki.com
Thu Oct 12 00:31:16 UTC 2017

An internal committee of the Polish parlament (Sejm) has unanimously voted
in favor of a bill to stop DST changes and to introduce permanent Central
European Summer Time (GMT+2). The law would come in force in autumn 2018.
The bill still needs to be voted by Sejm, then Senat (upper house), and
then must be signed by the President, so it is far from being the actual

The bill is not considered conflicting with EU regulations, which only
require DST changes to be synchronized across EU but do not actually
mandate the use of DST.

Reference in Polish:
The website <http://sejm.gov.pl/Sejm8.nsf/PrzebiegProc.xsp?nr=1852> of the
Sejm has not yet been updated with the result of the voting.

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