[tz] [IANA #985615] Sudan Time Zone change

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Dear Dr. Yahia Abdalla,

Do you have any information as to whether this change will also take place in the Republic of South Sudan (Juba, etc.)?  We are working on the assumption that it will, but it would be good to have clarification.  If this is not something you can state affirmatively, can you please help us to locate someone who can?

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Dear Brothers
This is dr. Yahia Abdalla, DG of National Telecommunication Cooperation, the telecommunication Regulator of Sudan
This is to confirm the following:
1- the change of time  (to be GMT +2 instead of GMT+3 ) is going to be permanently starting from 1st November 2017
2- The governmental decision has been taken already, and no way to delay it.
3- the change will be through the entire country.
4- we already contacted the telecommunication operators in Sudan to prepare for the change.

hope these point answered your questions.... and we are ready to answer any more questions

Thank you for your cooperation

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On 10/16/2017 05:34 PM, ahmed.atyya at ntc.gov.sd wrote:
> the Republic of Sudan is going to change the time zone from (GMT + 3:00) to (GMT+ 2:00) starting from Wednesday 1 November 2017.

Thank you for letting us know. Can you please cite a government publication or a newspaper argument that specifies this change?
Preferably with a URL, so that others can read it. Although English publications are preferred, Arabic is also fine.

When exactly will the change occur? What time of day?

Is the change intended to be permanent?

Does the change affect all of Sudan, or only some regions? If so, which regions?

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