[tz] Data loss on FTP Server

Deborah Goldsmith goldsmit at apple.com
Tue Oct 24 23:27:54 UTC 2017

You can also do that with rsync. Here’s my script:

rsync --links rsync://rsync.iana.org/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz /tmp/tzdata-latest.tar.gz
rsync --links rsync://rsync.iana.org/tz/`readlink /tmp/tzdata-latest.tar.gz` ./

rsync --links rsync://rsync.iana.org/tz/tzcode-latest.tar.gz /tmp/tzcode-latest.tar.gz
rsync --links rsync://rsync.iana.org/tz/`readlink /tmp/tzcode-latest.tar.gz` ./


> On Oct 24, 2017, at 4:12 PM, Brian Inglis <Brian.Inglis at SystematicSW.ab.ca> wrote:
> On 2017-10-24 16:26, Zefram wrote:
>> Paul Eggert wrote:
>>> I no longer recommend FTP to get tzdb.
>> HTTPS is fine for retrieving a specific release, but FTP offers a couple
>> of other facilities that AFAICS HTTPS doesn't provide.  Specifically, by
>> FTP I can enumerate old releases (NLST on the /tz/releases directory), and
>> I can identify the latest release (by processing the directory listing).
>> I've automated those jobs.  Is there a recommended way to do these things
>> through the HTTPS interface?  (Scraping a human-oriented web page isn't
>> an attractive approach.)
> I've used the FTP site to date because I can download the -latest symlinks as
> files using wget -N to a cache directory, so it only checks the mod date if
> unchanged, then run readlink on the symlink files to get the actual version
> filenames, and quit if those are the same as the last downloaded.
> If the HTTPS repository/releases/ were browsable and/or had public static
> -latest URIs provided by either server or HTML redirection, I could do similar
> using curl sans -L to get the latest version URIs, compare those to the last
> downloaded, and quit if unchanged.
> I do prefer HTTPS where available, preferably also backed up by directories with
> decent sha###sums, and/or gpg/pgp .sigs, and/or .ascs, for downloaded file
> validation, in case of server, storage, or site problems.
> -- 
> Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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