[tz] Bug in Latest Release of TZ Database ie 2017c

Sahil Sethi sahil.sethi at globallogic.com
Fri Oct 27 04:32:44 UTC 2017

Hi Team

As decided by Sudan Government to change time zone from GMT+3 to GMT+2, we
were testing TZ update from  2017b --> 2017c and we encountered the
following error :

Linux TZ version : 2017b --> 2017c ... Failed
 | "backzone", line 149: duplicate zone name Africa/Juba (file "africa",
line 1107)
 | "backzone", line 150: input line of unknown type
 | "backzone", line 151: input line of unknown type

On little debugging we found that in former version there was a link
between Africa/Khartoum & Africa/Juba zones in africa file and Africa/Juba
zone entry existed in "backzone" file but in later version same zone entry
of Africa/Juba exists in both files ie "africa" & "backzone", causing

Looking forward for an acknowledgement.

Sahil Sethi
Sr Software Engineer
GlogbalLogic, India
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