[tz] Finland urges EU to stop daylight savings time

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Sat Oct 28 23:32:11 UTC 2017

Poland and now Finland urge EU to stop daylight saving time.

Few days ago, the parliamentary transport and communications committee 
recommended to the government that Finland should actively push the EU 
to abolish its directive on daylight savings time, after considering the 
citizen's initative.

"THE European Union is coming under pressure to stop daylight saving 
time after more than 70,000 Finnish citizens have signed a petition 
against the seasonal time shift, arguing it is making them ill."


The committee justified the recommendation by saying that turning the 
clocks causes short-term sleeping disorders, reduced performance at work 
and can also lead to serious health problems. A bill in Poland to do 
away with the time change is also making progress.

Many Finnish lawmakers point out that their hands are tied, however, as 
the country is bound to European Union standards as a Member State.

A similar bid to do away with the time change has been proposed for 
consideration at the European Parliament and each of Finland's 13 MEPs 
has signed on to support it. The Commission decided to analyse the 
impact of the time change more closely in October "2016"." (edited 2017 ?)


Alexander Krivenyshev
New York, NY

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