[tz] North Korea to match South Korea's time zone

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Apr 29 08:01:05 UTC 2018

Arthur David Olson wrote:
> No word in the AP item on specifics of the plan.

Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't seen specifics either. Amusingly enough, 
yesterday I said to my wife and youngest son that North Korea should change 
their time zone back as a good-faith gesture, but they thought I was kidding around.

When North Korea changed their time zone in August 2015 they gave only a week's 
notice, so presumably we won't get much notice this year either. I suppose we'll 
see a new tzdb release soon after North Korea gets around to announcing the 
details of the change. I assume that their time zone abbreviation will remain 
"KST", just as it did before.

PS. To prepare for this, tzdb users are suggested to test their parsers on:


Although this test version doesn't have the North Korea change yet (since we 
don't know what that is), it does have all the other changes accumulated since 
2018d, notably the negative DST changes for Dublin, Prague, and Windhoek. All 
files have .asc files with my signature. For more details please see:


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