[tz] 2-hour DST during 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Phake Nick c933103 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 00:09:38 UTC 2018

They are talking about moving the clock by "1 to 2 hours" according to some
reports, from the spring before Olympic to the autumn after Olympic for the
entire Japan. Seems like the current PM Abe think it "might also be a
solution" and there are now a rough proposal within the government to have
a "trial implementation" next year in 2019 for the Olympic game. However
some other members of the government are not enthusiastic about the
The Tokyo Olympic organization committee requested it as a one-off
implementation but they also suggest "it could be a legacy of the Olympic
for Japan to move forward to a low CO2 emission society."
Law changes will be needed if they want to implement the summer time for
the Olympic. As it is going to be controversial, and given that it have
been already almost 70 years since Japan last used summer time, the time
for preparation will be really tight if it is going to be implemented.
And, the following is purely hypothetical for tz database as the proposal
being suggested was to implement DST for the entire Japan. As a thought
experiment, what if, instead of following the proposal, they hypothetically
- In case if a clock is created specifically for Olympic venues, how could
tz database record it? Not just that there are no city in those venues that
can name the zone after but also that those venues are separated all over
the places and they are also just a temporary instead if permanent location
that would only function as Olympic venue during the period of Olympic
- In case if only Tokyo (and its surrounding area) get DST? A new record
would be created in tz database for rest of Japan without DST to complement
Asia/Tokyo that would have DST in this hypothetical situation, but how can
users outside Tokyo be pushed to manually change their device timezone from
Asia/Tokyo to the new time zone? In many cases the Asia/Japan zone would be
labelled as something like either "Japan Standard Time" or "Osaka, Sapporo,
Tokyo" in UI and people might also not understand why any actions would be
needed if it is only Tokyo that is changing the time.
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