[tz] Mozambique officially uses LMT?

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Wed Aug 29 21:16:53 UTC 2018

A month ago was the longest lunar eclipse this century, and it was
well visible from Mozambique.  I know folks there who forwarded a
couple of low resolution versions of information pages that the
national meteorological agency issued.  Upon looking at them I
realized that they were saying that someone at the national
meteorological agency believed that each town in Mozambique, including
the capitol city Maputo, is running on Local Mean Time.

I have attached the images.  They are the official announcement from
INAM.  In a lunar eclipse all points on earth see the same fuzzy
shadow events within milliseconds, but all times in the table are
offset according to the longitude of the city.

I know that cell phones in Mozambique use what tzdb says.  I cannot
say what outlying villages and people without cell phones use, other
than that there is no such thing as precise timing of civil events and
transportation departures/arrivals as in most modern cultures.

So I cannot say for sure whether this is a mistake, an official doing
these calculations the way things used to work, or whether outlying
towns still set their clocks using a stick in the ground.  I have no
contacts to dive deeper into Mozambican government, so I wonder if
anyone else can find out more.

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