[tz] BBC: Clock changes: EU backs ending daylight saving

Marshall Eubanks marshall.eubanks at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 12:33:42 UTC 2018

Clearly, not going to happen that soon.



The EU Commission is proposing to end the practice of adjusting clocks
by an hour in spring and autumn after a survey found most Europeans
opposed it.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said millions "believe that
in future, summer time should be year-round, and that's what will

The Commission's proposal requires support from the 28 national
governments and MEPs to become law.

In the EU clocks switch between winter and summer under daylight saving time.

A European Parliament resolution says it is "crucial to maintain a
unified EU time regime".

However, the Commission has not yet drafted details of the proposed change.

In a consultation paper it said one option would be to let each member
state decide whether to go for permanent summer or winter time. That
would be "a sovereign decision of each member state", Commission
spokesman Alexander Winterstein explained on Friday.

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