[tz] California may vote on permanent daylight time

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Aug 5 08:21:26 UTC 2018

Phake Nick wrote:
> So it seems like the vote is going forward and will happen in November?
> And if it get permanent DST, then I would assume it mean the entire
> California will be in same timezone as most of Arizona?

There will be a vote, but it won't do anything by itself. All it will do is 
allow the legislature to pass a law to not have DST, which alone would merely 
revert the state to PST all year. Quite possibly the legislature will also want 
to follow the lead of Florida and shift time zones; however, this is not a done 
deal, and the Florida move is still awaiting Congressional approval which may or 
may not happen.

Joe Mathews of Zócalo Public Square suggested that if the measure passes, the 
legislature should split California into three time zones: one PST, one MST, and 
one PST/PDT (i.e., with DST). See:

Mathews J. Three different time zones in California? It’s not as crazy as it 
sounds. Sacramento Bee. 2018-08-02. 

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