[tz] 2-hour DST during 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

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Report say Japanese PM Abe have already instructed his party to start
considering DST implementation as early as possible, and the party will
start designing the law for DST after the Obon holiday in the mid-August
acvording to multiple sources related to the ruling party LDP. Reports
claim that LDP will aim at proposing the law changes at the Diet session
this fall, and because it is directly connected to citizens so they would
want the congressman to propose it as an inter-party proposals instead of a
submission from the government.
In the mean time, the ruling party is planning to have a two-stage review
on the proposal, which in the first stage they will form a alliance of
congressman to gather the benefits and shortcoming of implementing DST, and
then the central decision-making committee will make a decision based on it.
Report claims the plan is to apply the 2-hour DST from June to August. 2019
will be a trial implementation of the DST, which would enable improvement
afterward, and in 2020 it will be the actual implementation. According to
an anonymous officer of the LDP party, while the initial plan was to
implement the DST only for year 2019 and 2020, because the necessary
changes to IT-related systems everytime a switch is to be make is huge, so
there are also plan to make the DST continues after the Olympics. And that
they are also discussing with opposition parties regarding the issue.
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