[tz] Mozambique officially uses LMT?

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Aug 30 20:18:28 UTC 2018

Steve Allen wrote:
> A better check would be to find an official timetable for a recent
> solar eclipse in Mozambique.  The times in that table would say
> whether it was produced using the actually different contact times in
> each city or whether the contact times for one city were incorrectly
> shifted according to the longitude of other cities.

I doubt whether there'd be anything official in Mozambique. I did look for an 
unofficial time, and found this:


An English translation is here:


It quotes Mozambican astronomer Hélder Geraldes as saying "the sun will also be 
visible in the form of a ring in the city Pemba at about 11h58m tomorrow".

According to NASA 
at Pemba that annular solar eclipse reached its maximum at 09:19:20 UT. It's 
hard to square that with Geraldes's "11h58m" if tzdb is correct and Mozambique 
was two hours ahead of UTC. If we go instead by Pemba's local mean time, which I 
calculate as UTC +02:42:12, the greatest extent would have been at 12:01:32 LMT 
which is pretty close to Geraldes's stated time. So this is some evidence that 
an astrononmer in Mozambique uses local mean time. That being said, NASA says 
that eclipse was only partial in Pemba and you'd have to go north into Quirimbas 
National Park to get to the eclipse's central line, so Geraldes's prediction 
doesn't entirely square up with what NASA says, even if we assume Pemba observes 

With your contacts in the astronomical world, maybe you can track down Hélder 
Geraldes and see what he has to say. (Don't all astronomers know each other? :-)

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