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@@ -81,19 +81,19 @@ doing so got a crook trying to be declared dead to
 emerge a bit too early from the titular enclosure.
-The 1960s ITC television series <em>The Prisoner</em> included an episode
-entitled "The Chimes of Big Ben" in which our protagonist tumbled to
+"The Chimes of Big Ben", <em>The Prisoner</em>, episode 2, ITC, 1967-10-06.
+Our protagonist tumbles to
 the fraudulent nature of a Poland-to-England escape upon hearing "Big
 Ben" chiming on Polish local time.
-The series <em>Seinfeld</em> included an episode entitled "The Susie," first
-broadcast 1997-02-13, in which Kramer decides that daylight saving time
+"The Susie", <em>Seinfeld</em>, season 8, episode 15, NBC, 1997-02-13.
+Kramer decides that daylight saving time
 isn't coming fast enough, so he sets his watch ahead an hour.
-The "20 Hours in America" episode of <em>The West Wing</em>,
-first aired 2002-09-25, contained a <a
+"20 Hours in America", <em>The West Wing</em>, season 4, episodes 1–2,
+2002-09-25, contained a <a
 href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J1NHzQ1sgc">scene</a> that
 saw White House staffers stranded in Indiana; they thought they had time to
 catch Air Force One but were done in by intra-Indiana local time changes.
@@ -165,6 +165,11 @@ CBS, 2016-01-17.
 The applicability of a contract hinges on the
 time zone associated with a video timestamp.
+"Justice", <em>Veep</em>, season 6, episode 4, HBO, 2017-05-07.
+Jonah's inability to understand DST ends up impressing a wealthy
+backer who sets him up for a 2020 presidential run.
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