[tz] Korean DST 1940s-1960s and other aspects of Korean Standard Time and other aspects of tz database

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Fri Oct 26 23:26:45 UTC 2018

1. According to official announcement from Korean government, the DST end
date in South Korea should be
1955-09-08 without specifying time
1956-09-29 without specifying time
1957-09-21 24 o'clock
1958-09-20 24 o'clock
1959-09-19 24 o'clock
1960-09-17 24 o'clock
Contradicting the current tz database record that shows their end date as
00:00 of the next days. The effect should be same in almost all cases, but
to be literally reflect the rule in tz database probably an update might be
desirable. [Information via Suikawiki]
2. Regarding history of Korean time, there is a Korean wiki site
https://namu.wiki/w/대한민국%20표준시 that say when Korea was using GMT+8:30 as
standard time, the international aviation/marine/meteorological industry in
the country refused to follow and continues to use GMT+9:00 for
interoperability. Did the phenomenon actually occured back then and is
there any further details about it?
3. Back in 2014 when Korean time history in tz database was discussed, the
reliability of The International Atlas by Shanks was also being discussed.
I checked the book on amazon.com and there's a review saying that the
International Atlas say they've make up some information to fill holes in
their research and use them to advance copyright claims to temporarily
force tzinfo offline. I am not sure what happened back then in the year of
2011 when the comment was posted, but if that's true then tz database
should probably be more actively removing anything related to Shanks from
the database as those information are not fact and thus subject to
copyright claims and thus cannot be released as public domain according to
the license of tz database? Not to mention the accuracy of those data.
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