[tz] Rename Ukrainian cities to their official transliterated names

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Thu Oct 4 17:11:02 UTC 2018

On Thu 2018-10-04T10:33:55-0400 Michael Douglass hath writ:
> Kicking it up a level is exactly what's needed.

> There are many approaches to this but separating the tz data from names is
> both simple and backward compatible with end consumers though it requires a
> little work to change the data and the tools which use that data.

I am going to disagree with this based on history.  These sorts of
arguments about responsibility, functionality, and international legal
and bureaucratic issues are eerily similar to the process by which the
world got leap seconds, with the responsibility for those split
between multiple agencies in a way that utterly obscures what is the
goal and who is in charge.  Better to keep that all in one place that
is clearly documented as to how it should and should not be used and
where the alternatives are for folks who do not like the base form.

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